Mixed Reality Filming WITHOUT a Green Screen | XRobots

Mixed Reality Filming with no Green Screen: This is a proof of concept for making mixed reality films using both the physical and virtual world, but with no physical green screen. I’ve used HTC Vive tracking in this video and a GoPro. The video is a bit shaky which can be improved as suggested in the video. This concept has a lot of possibilities for mixing the physical and virtual worlds in one piece of footage for VR/AR applications.

Microsoft announces motion controllers for Windows VR

Microsoft has announced a new set of motion controllers for its Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets. The controllers will be fully tracked by sensors in the headset, instead of by external cameras or markers. They’re supposed to go on sale this holiday season, with Acer selling a $399 headset bundle that includes them.

Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/11/15623152/microsoft-build-windows-mixed-reality-vr-motion-controllers-announce

Star Trek Bridge Crew in VR is a Trekkie fan’s dream come true

For Star Trek fans out there this has got to be pretty exciting.  With the upcoming Star Trek Bridge Crew game, you can get a chance to be in the control room of the enterprise and work together as a team with your friends do tackle space missions where you work the control panels with different jobs.  Very cool.  See the first video below for preview of the game targetted for May 30th.

Furthermore, if you are going to play with computer AI instead of friends, they are planning to enable voice commands using IBM Watson.

From the Verge: The feature has been made possible using IBM’s VR Speech Sandbox. The software combines IBM Watson’s Speech to Text and Conversation services with the company’s Unity SDK, using the natural language processing capabilities of IBM’s Watson software to parse your barked commands, and allow AI-controlled characters to act on them. Players will be able to launch photon torpedoes, jump to warp speed, or lock S-foils in attack formation (maybe not that last one) by requesting that your crew members push the relevant blinking buttons on their own command consoles.

Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/11/15621930/star-trek-bridge-crew-voice-commands-ibm-watson


Mobile Room Scale Experiences with Vive Tracker

Since Vive trackers are available to the public, we thought we’d share how to make a mobile room-scale experience. This could be done in Unity or Unreal Engine, but in this specific tutorial We’ll be showing you in Unreal Engine 4.15. Difficulty: intermediate

Replicating tracker positions

Read more: https://masterofshapes.com/thelab/mobile-room-scale-experiences-with-vive-tracker/