Smile, you’re in augmented reality dentistry

For someone getting major dental work or reconstructive surgery, it can be hard to visualize what they’ll look like afterwards. You can do casts and make wax molds, but that’s a bit… 19th century, isn’t it? A Swiss startup brings the, in retrospect, obvious solution of augmented reality to the problem, giving patients a virtual view of the smile they could soon have.


Google and Song Exploder deconstruct songs in virtual reality

Inside Music is the latest project to come out of Google’s Creative Labs. It’s a kind of next-level equalizer in virtual reality that uses WebVR and comes from a partnership with the music-analyzing podcast Song Exploder.

Viewed either on the web or in a VR headset, Inside Music breaks a song down into its individual components, like drums, vocals, and guitar. Each component is represented by a sphere that you click to disable that part of the song, so you can hear what each part brings to the mix. The initial experiment lets you select songs from a collection of artists including PhoenixNatalia Lafourcade, and Clipping.

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PROJECTIONS, Episode 23: Inside-Out Tracking with Single Camera

One of the next frontiers for virtual and augmented reality headsets is inside-out positional tracking, a problem that’s yet to be fully solved. We visit the offices of Occipital–makers of the Structure Sensor–to get a demo of their inside-out tracking system that can work with a single camera, and chat with Occipital’s CEO about their approach to this computer vision challenge.

Teardown of the Acer / Microsoft “Mixed Reality” VR headset

Here is a link to a teardown of the Acer Mixed Reality headset.  I looked up some of the major functional chips that are used in the headset below.   From initial looks, it appears the RAW camera data is being sent across USB3.0 to the host PC and the headset serves as an external display and lens using DisplayPort over the USB cable.

  • CYUSB3064:  MIPI CSI-2 to USB Bridge Controller (Datasheet)
  • CYUSB3034:  USB 3.0 Hub (Datasheet)
  • ALC4040:   USB to Audio output (Link)
  • ANX7540: DisplayPort to MIPI bridge chip (Datasheet)
  • STM32:   ARM 32-bit CPU