Mum in VR grabs wrong end of dog


The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ VR Dev Challenge

The following is 5-part video series following a VR development challenge with a grand prize of $20000 using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon all in one headsets.  So far only the first video has been released and the final one will be available December 8th.  Check it out!



We’ve invited three experienced developers of virtual reality applications to compete against one another in creating a mind-blowing VR experience powered by Qualcomm technology. Our goals are to show you the benefits of truly mobile XR and to inspire you with a look at the XR development process up close and in video.

We’ve given the developers – Sam Maliszewski, Jordan Mann and E McNeill – a few things they’ll need for the competition:

We’ve recorded the developers and their influencers to capture the headaches, heartbreaks, mistakes, re-takes, lucky breaks and high stakes that are all part of the development process.

At the other end of the rainbow is a $20,000 cash prize for the first-place application and $2,500 each for second- and third-place apps. (Spoiler alert: There’s lots of agony, disappointment and caffeine on the way to those prizes, but if you’ve developed for XR, you probably already knew that.)


Looking for VR multiplayer? See live player counts from Steam to see who is playing and online

The following site lists the number of currently active players in Steam for different applications so you can see how many people are online in the game.   There are also links to charts for historical data as well.


VR Porn and the Web: a Statistical Study

Virtual reality porn makes up a surprising amount of VR activity, and it’s growing quickly. 60% of the top VR websites are porn, and their traffic is up over 50% in 3 months. Porn is once again on the leading edge of new technology and helping to drive its growth.

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NBA will broadcast every game in VR this season

While other broadcasters and sports leagues dabble in virtual reality, the NBA is taking the plunge. It raced ahead of the competition last year by streaming weekly live games in VR. Now, it’s making its entire season immersive for League Pass subscribers. With the NextVR app, you’ll not only be able to watch 27 live games on your Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream headset, but you’ll also get access to something called the Screening Room. Here you’ll be able to pick and choose from every League Pass game in virtual reality.

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