Anyone Can Be an Animator With Facebook’s Newest VR App Upgrade

Facebook’s Quill tool now lets you animate in VR.

Facebook’s own VR artistry experience, known as Quill, just got a major update that brings simple, but powerful animation tools to the platform.

Quill update 1.4 brings “animated paint layers” and an “animation clip panel,” as well as “animated brush settings to control how strokes are drawn while clips are playing.”

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The best VR and AR from Sundance 2018, from haptic gloves to alien abduction

The Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier experimental section featured its first virtual reality experience in 2012, and with every festival, its projects have grown longer and more sophisticated. This year was no exception. The program included more than 20 virtual and augmented reality entries, ranging from simple mobile 360-degree video to multi-person performance art installations.

Many of these pieces came from well-known figures in the VR film and art world, attached to studios like Within, Felix & Paul, and Oculus. But 2018 also saw strong projects from relative newcomers, and a couple of absences, including Nonny de la Peña, who created the first Sundance-selected VR piece and has been featured at the festival multiple times since then. This year, people used familiar formats for more sophisticated storytelling, while others channeled newer ideas like multi-person VR and haptics into crowd-pleasing experiments. Here are some of the best.

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