How to use a keyboard while in VR

To date, there still isn’t a really good way to handle text input while using a VR headset.  However, this blog post covers some existing ideas and work that people have been looking at in this area.

First one is from Google Labs on using a drum like interface for keyboard entry.  Read more about this here.


Here is an open sourced implementation building on that concept:


The other approach other than keyboards is to use some sort of chorded text input interface that you hold in your hand:

“In the near future, you may not need to touch your phone, tablet, or keyboard when you want to type. That’s the concept behind the Tap Strap, an amazing wearable Bluetooth keyboard that converts finger movements into key presses, so you can tap out messages using any surface as a virtual keyboard.”

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This last part shows an interesting concept of what a merging of coding and development could be like while in VR:


Ushering in the era of Windows Mixed Reality

At an event in San Francisco we unveiled our vision for Windows Mixed Reality, announced SteamVR and AltSpaceVR are coming to Windows Mixed Reality, introduced the new Samsung Odyssey HMD, and kicked off the holiday shopping season by announcing the availability of pre-orders for Windows Mixed Reality headsets at the Microsoft Store. Learn more on the Windows Blog:

Apple’s Tim Cooks thoughts on Augmented Reality

In a wide-ranging interview, the CEO of the biggest tech company in the world explains how AR will change our lives, and why he thinks the world is actually getting better.

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VR Porn and the Web: a Statistical Study

Virtual reality porn makes up a surprising amount of VR activity, and it’s growing quickly. 60% of the top VR websites are porn, and their traffic is up over 50% in 3 months. Porn is once again on the leading edge of new technology and helping to drive its growth.

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