Hands-On: The VRHero Is A 5K Resolution Headset From VRgineers

Technical Specification

  • Resolution: 5120 x 1440 (2560 x 1440 per eye)
  • Field of view: 150–170º (depending on IPD and focus)
  • Refresh rate: 60–90 Hz
  • Optics: Custom-designed, exceptionally clear lenses
  • Head-mount: Basic and military-grade


  • High-quality 5K resolution displays
  • Unique adjustable focus optical system for stunning image quality
  • Displayport 1.2 video cable (up to 100m)
  • Built-in soundcard with audio jack
  • Integrated microphone for easy communication
  • Independently adjustable lenses distance (inter-pupilar distance, also known as IPD)
  • Multicast capability to connect multiple devices to one computer
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Clients support for VR laboratory setup and HW and SW integration
  • Regular and military-grade “nightvision” head straps available

The following is a hands on review of the device.

Read more: https://uploadvr.com/vrhero-vrgineers-5k-headset/

Measuring the Effective Resolution of Head-mounted Displays

This is a link to a blog that has some of the best analytical and useful technical data on understanding the nuances of how Lenses, Optics and Displays impact the implementation of VR HMDs.   There’s are lots of useful articles in his blog and if you’re looking to understand better some of the technical and engineering aspects of VR, I highly recommend you check it out.

In the latest post, he describes a nice systematic way of measuring the effective resolution of HMDs and trying to remove as much perceptual bias as possible.

Link here: http://doc-ok.org/?p=1631

Disney will show the sights, sounds and smells of ‘Star Wars’ in VR

Disney is teaming up with virtual reality gaming centre The Void to launch an immersive Star Wars experience at two of its sites. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire lets you step inside the intergalactic world of the hit films through a VR headset. You’ll also be able to touch, feel, and even smell your surroundings (which may not bode well if you end up chilling with Yoda on Dagobah). Built in collaboration with Lucasfilm, the new experience hits Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort this holiday season.

Read more: https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/03/disney-star-wars-vr-the-void/

Altspace VR being sued by patent trolls

Being a start up in the VR space is tough enough.  It was announced that AltspaceVR was shutting down which is tough to see. That being said, there is parallel thread on Reddit discussing that they seemed to have been also been under pressure for patent infringement on patent US6409599 and being litigated from a company known to be a patent troll.  Why this is troubling is because in this early stage of VR ecosystem development, patent trolls can seriously hinder adoption and innovation as we go forward.   The US patent system definitely has holes that allow it to be twisted and used in ways counter to it’s goals of protecting and fostering innovation.  Very unfortunate indeed.

Update 8/10/17:  this patent issue was not related to the reasons for AltspaceVR’s shutdown.  Here’s a subsequent talk from one of the founders about more details on what happened:   https://youtu.be/5k1u8319TWg

Link to high level description of the patent under question: https://www.google.com/patents/US6409599

Read more:



Nvidia 1080 and 1080Ti GPU card comparisons

Looking to upgrade your GPU to get better performance for your VR PC?   Here’s a handy reference to two sites which compare different manufacturer’s cards for the GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti.

Very useful when shopping since it lists out information such as the default clock speed, cooling system, physical dimensions and type of power connector on card to make sure it will work with your PC.    The links compare models from Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac and more.

GeForce GTX 1080 comparison chart

GeForce GTX 1080Ti comparison chart

The Mira Prism turns your iPhone into an augmented reality headset for $99

Mira designed AR mobile glasses that were created from the outset to be lightweight, minimalist, and low-cost. Today, the company is unveiling its Prism glasses, which you can preorder for $100.


Read more: https://venturebeat.com/2017/07/18/mira-unveils-lightweight-augmented-reality-glasses-for-100/

Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/18/15948700/mira-prism-iphone-augmented-reality-headset-hands-on-announce