VIVE Partners with Intel to Make WiGig Wireless VR Accessory

Today, on stage at COMPUTEX in Taipei, HTC VIVE and Intel announced a partnership to bring Intel’s WiGig wireless VR solution to the HTC Vive! Yet another great addition to the growing Vive ecosystem, HTC will manufacture the WiGig wireless VR accessory, and continue provide users with the best VR experiences available.

To create this high-end VR experience for the Vive ecosystem, Intel and HTC recognized the need to better integrate the HMD with high-computing capabilities. The WiGig technology, based on 802.11ad standard, works solely in the interference- free 60GHz band, and enables high throughput and low latency in both directions, from the PC to HMD and from HMD to PC. This means pristine video quality with <7ms latency in any environment, supporting multiple users sharing the same space. All of this results in the seamless wireless VR with the Vive!


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