Sales for the HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift Have Fallen Off a Cliff

A survey of hardware ownership conducted on the Steam gaming platform suggests that sales of the two leading virtual reality headsets have slowed to a trickle.

Comparing month-to-month growth, reported Vive ownership increased 0.3% in July, and no growth was reported in August, while the Rift saw a 0.3% increase in reported ownership for July and 0.1% growth in August. Link

There are a number of factors that can make mainstream adoption of VR slow:  cost, space and content.  Right now the cost of the premium VR headsets are still pretty high just for the initial setup, so only the hardcore early adopters will be coming in at this stage.   Second, you need to find and set up a physical space in your living area to accommodate a VR setup which means reorganizing your current environment and some people simply don’t have the available space to do it.  Last, is availability of content.  Although there is a constant stream of new development, it’s a classic chicken and egg situation where developers want users before committing to large projects and users want content before buying.

I think that how this plays out is that custom (and expensive) tools and capabilities will be developed catering to the speciality niche market (CAD, medical, art development, architecture, etc) and this will be where things take root economically, versus in the consumer game market.  This seems to make more sense to me since I believe you can make productivity, feature and efficiency gains in those speciality domains which translates into monetary value.

As an example take a look at The Music Room which is a $129 program for the Vive


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