Trolls and harassment in VR

As more and more people start to own VR headsets and joining social platforms online, it’s inevitable that the uglier side of human nature is going to come out and we’re going to have to deal with trolls, harassment and lack of social etiquette.

This post covers how some of this is being dealt with by Google, AltspaceVR and RecRoom


Google Daydream Labs experiments with Poker Dogs to discourage trolling:

“We built an experiment around playing poker where we tried new ways to discourage trolling. If someone left their seat at the poker table, their environment desaturated to black and white and their avatar would disappear from the other player’s view. A glowing blue personal space bubble would guide the person back to their seat. We found it’s enough to prevent a player from approaching their opponents to steal chips or invade personal space.”

Full article here



On AltspaceVR:

“Today we’re announcing our latest tool to provide you with more control over your experience in AltspaceVR: a space bubble. The space bubble creates a close barrier around your avatar to prevent others from entering your personal space. VR makes it possible to feel incredibly present with other people, and we have seen the need for the ability to choose how closely others can approach you. Our latest feature helps bring the same social standards we have in real life into our virtual world.”

On RecRoom:

Vote to kick – thanks for the great feedback and insights on moderation (or lack thereof). We are actively designing here and would love to keep hearing reports, suggestions, praise and complaints. This week we are shipping an experimental “vote to kick” feature. This has been suggested and requested many times, and we agree it’s a good idea to try it out. Here’s how it works:

  • Hit the MENU button to bring up the player list.
  • Find the player you wish was gone.
  • Hit the “Vote Kick” button with the laser pointer and pull the trigger
  • You will see your vote appear right on the button.
  • If a clear majority of the people in the room do the same, the person will be kicked to the Dorm Room. It’s then hard (but not impossible) for them to join you again.
    Please be aware that we think this UI is clunky and hard to discover. We have a plan for improving it, which likely involves the…

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