Live VR video capture and VR seed money

I was interested in looking at what the possibilities are for being able to do LIVE video with 3D capture. This is different than a 360 video which is a 2D capture of a scene all around you. What I’m interested in is scene/video capture of 3D depth and 360 degree at the same time.

Live Planet
Project Tango

I think that Project Tango has a lot of strong potential moving forward because of a number of factors:

1. It allows for indoor and realtime mapping of the users environment which bridges the link between the virtual and physical world
2. It is wireless.

The things that I think would hamper this : a better method for interfacing hands is a key thing for immersion, frame rate and resoluion on the mobile units driving the display

HTC Vive X’s Accelerator is a program to help seed and support companies that are developing new VR applications. They released a list of the 33 initial companies being funded and you can see the breadth and types of applications that are being thought out and developed. It’s an exciting time. Link

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