Climbing Everest and being a Spectator

I showed the VR to a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a long time who told me that he throwing around the idea to plan a trip to trek up to Everest base camp which itself is an adventure. We joked that it would probably be easier to just experience it in VR instead. Today, I saw this article come out.. perfect timing. Link

Valve has this game called DOTA which is a realtime strategy game. I don’t play it, nor do I have any interest in playing it. However, they released the ability to watch other people playing in a ‘VR hub’ and I can see how this kind of approach and interface could be incredibly engaging for viewing sports or other VR events. Link

Google is experimenting with storytelling through VR experiences with their Pearl project. I look forward to the experiences that will come out of projects like this in helping to tell stories and human experiences. Link

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