Ideas on 3D printing and Hyperreality

There are a lot of amazing games coming out on the Vive making use of the motion tracked controllers. There was a round table discussion with VR devs on Toms Hardware where a comment was made that dealing with two handed objects was a challenge because there isn’t that physical link between the real and virtual world. If a game designer provided a set of 3d printer files along with the game that allowed people to create a game specific harness such as a gun mount, sword hilt, etc. then it could potentially provide a way for people to have a standardized mechanic for building gameplay on. The link between VR and 3D printer industries could have a symbiotic relationship.

Here’s a fun video of a vision of a possible future of AR/VR world. Link

Using a GoPro to experience what it’s like to be on a motorbike. Link

nVidia releases VR funhouse application to show off their new GTX 1080 GPU which has VR optimizations based on their new Pascal architecture. Link

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